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"Virginia Rose" Homer Laughlin. Fancy a cuppa?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The Homer Laughlin China Company.

Founded back in 1874 in Ohio by the Laughlin Brothers, they initially struggled to compete against larger, more renowned companies.

At a time when stiff competition against English ware and other European potteries made it difficult for American china companies to survive, Homer Laughlin made it a point to stamp his wares with a mark that was distinctively American - an American Eagle atop the British lion. Since, they have adopted several other variations of their stamps and included the phrase "Made in USA."

This was also a time when white ware was not commonly produced locally. Homer Laughlin was one of the first whiteware plants in the US. They were also credited with many other trailblazing moves.

Their vitreous china was recognized as some of the finest, breaking the belief that fine china could only be produced in Europe. In 1888 he also hired the first female secretary and introduced recreational areas at work for his employees.

The china pictured here belongs to the Virginia Rose series first catalogued around 1930. The numbers tell you the year, month and production plant that produced the item. This particular tea set is stamped K55N8 -

K = the month. In this case, November

55 = 1955

N8 = Newell Potteries Plant 8

Even after all these years, the colors remain vibrant and the style is still very coveted and reproduced.

Notice the scalloped edges and trim. This set sold quickly after being listed, but I was lucky enough to keep one for myself.

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