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I started this site more as a BLOG than a shop.


What I found from my treasure hunts is that there's a lot of "vintage" listed out there, but there's rarely enough background information to support the "vintage" claim.  

I started wondering exactly how much of these claims were true.

Is an item Vintage or Just Really Old? I've also seen items listed as Antique that are younger than me! So I guess I can be an Antique?

Mostly, items that peak my interest are unique, nostalgic or "Vintage Grand."  What I mean by this is that they have an Aura that although not old enough to be Vintage or Antique just yet, you just know that if it finds the right owner, it will be cherished for years and years to come.

I wanted a place where I could not just show my items for sale, but have enough opportunity to tell a bit more about the specific item in my own-sometimes-sarcastic way. 


Through my phases of obsession - what I call my various "Obsessed" collections," I've often scoured the internet for information only to find maybe a line or two here and there.  

Here, I hope to be able to share and perhaps receive more information through collaboration. I want this space to be more for sharing all things "curioser" and what I've learned about the pieces I find.


Vintage Ladies Pusar in Solid 14K Gold and Sapphire Band

1990s Calvin Klein Wristwatch
1980s Helena Rubinstein Modele Depose 
Arden B Aqua Tween Jacket

I do also list "not-so-vintage" items that SHOULD be upcycled and recycled. Some things are just too good to pass. 


And I do LOVE a bargain. Who doesn't, right?

We live in an age were things are so easily replaced and labor is so undervalued

I often complain to my daughter that she treats her possessions like they are disposable.  Mass production has made it so easy for us to take things for granted, but quite honestly, what is being produced today cannot compare in quality to some of these vintage items.

My items can be found listed for sale on Etsy, Ebay, OfferUp, and Marketplace.  

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Vintage Suede Gucci Shoulder Bag

Mikai 100% Wool Winter Coat

My Liliana

Liliana is my darling 12 yr-old daughter's middle name. 

We share a passion for learning, always staying curious, and always keeping an open mind about things we do not know or have not yet experienced. 

She's also the typical child that will try to get away with as much as she can and at times, it's hard to tell where her arm ends and her phone/Ipad begins!

We both love Broadway and musicals and go to NYC whenever we can.  At this tender age, she believes she wants to pursue Performing Arts and I'm all for it, but I also know she's young and there's lots of time to change and let's be honest, do I even now know exactly what I want to be?

Short of being hoarders, we both get excited when we find an interesting treasure, we can't pass on a great deal, and always think there'll be a day that that useless old thing will come in handy!  Sigh...

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