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In the beginning...

It all started a few years ago, coincidentally on my birthday.

I received a box from Amazon with a pair of pink Nike running shoes that I did not order. I thought maybe it was delivered to the wrong address, but the label was correctly addressed to me. So I called around to see if maybe someone had sent them to me as a gift. No one had.

I called Amazon to ask them if they knew, but there was no record of a purchase and they didn't want me to send it back. But I didn't want them either.

1st- I don't wear pink

2nd- I dont run

3rd- They weren't even my size

So I thought I'll try to sell them on Ebay and to my astonishment they sold quite easily. I was hooked!

I started looking for what else I might be able to sell. I just wanted to sell! It didn't matter what it was. I listed everything I could think of that had any value and that I had no intent of using.

Then I started visiting auction sites looking for a bargain to turn around and sell.

That lead to discovering a whole new world of collectible vintage treasures and wanting to find out more about the items and how to restore them.

I realized that the word vintage is sometimes loosely applied, without much background information given.

And that's how it started. The mystery of the pink sneakers remains unsolved!

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