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If I Were a Fairy I Would Be TinkerBell

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Lately I've been a bit depressed and not posting or listing as often as I would like.

You see, my arthritis has been acting up and making it hard for me to do the things I like. My hands and fingers don't work as they used to and it makes it hard to do even the simplest things some days.

I really love to tinker, pull things apart, put things back together and figure out why things work or don't work and how they work. That's one reason I love vintage watches, manual wind watches, etc.

My listings are not just about money. Of course I'm in it to make some cash, but mainly I sell because I want to buy more.

On rare occasions I'll find a little treasure that works perfectly, but mostly I take my changes. I'll give the little ugly, dirty looking item that most people don't bother to look at a chance because I see the treasure behind the grime.

Then I take it apart, give it a clean and a little love and respect and sometimes I'm lucky.

But these days, my fingers don't seem to do as I ask. Even the simple act of changing a watch battery is a challenge and I have broken more pieces than I dare to admit.

And this, is very sad indeed...

Still, I can't help falling in love when I see a beautiful Vintage piece of art.

These beautiful ring watches are part of my Obessed Collection.

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