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Must all good things come to an end?

I'm in love with this little solid perfume ring by Henri Bendel!

'Wild Fig" wouldn't be my scent of choice if I had the chance to walk into the Fifth Ave store to choose, but unfortunate since their closing in 2019, all that remains are those cherished items acquired prior to closing, found on resale online shopping apps.

Henri Bendel, a true pioneer in the luxury fashion industry, recognized worldwide by their iconic brown and white stripped packaging, was innovative and attributed as the first to offer their own line of perfumes in store, the first to hold semi-annual sales, the first to offer instore makeovers, and the first to stage a fashion show, among others. They truly sent the bar and groundwork for other department stores to follow.

The term Bendel Girls has become part of popular speech. Once a Bendel Girl, always a Bendel Girl.

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